“The Well-Being Booster for Healthcare Professionals: From Exhaustion to Exuberance”

A FREE 2-Day Virtual Event to empower healthcare professionals to cultivate emotional resilience and vibrant energy so they can reignite their passion for their work and compassion for their patients while saying goodbye to burnout and exhaustion – for good!

April 24th and 25th
3PM to 6PM CST


“The Well-Being Booster for Healthcare Professionals: From Exhaustion to Exuberance”

April 24th and 25th
3PM to 6PM CST

A FREE 2-Day Virtual Event to empower healthcare professionals to cultivate emotional resilience and vibrant energy so they can reignite their passion for their work and compassion for their patients while saying goodbye to burnout and exhaustion – for good!


What Will You Learn?

What you can expect to learn in 2 days:

1. Where Your Focus Goes, Energy Flows: Discover the magnetic power of focus and its profound impact on your energy. Join us to ignite your focus, unleash your potential, and soar to new heights of empowerment

2. Explore the 6 Energy Influencers: Delve into the six potent forces shaping your energy every day. Uncover simple yet powerful techniques to amplify your vitality and reignite your passion for life.

3. Harness the Power of Intentional Thinking: Take command of your thoughts and witness the incredible shift in your energy and outcomes. Learn the art of intentional thinking to manifest your dreams with precision and purpose.

4. Break Through Energy Barriers: Identify and obliterate the barriers holding you back from your true potential. Arm yourself with time-tested strategies to demolish these obstacles and stride confidently toward your empowered life.

5. Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery: Craft your personalized well-being plan to unleash the full force of your potential. Dive deep into self-discovery and emerge with clarity, purpose, and a renewed zest for life.

Join us on this transformative odyssey to awaken your inner dynamo. Elevate your mindset, conquer your limitations, and embrace a life pulsating with enthusiasm, wisdom, and faith. Ready to ignite your journey towards lasting impact? Start now and witness the electrifying transformation within you!

Plus, I’ll even show you how to ground when you get triggered!

What you’ll do in this workshop

DAY #1: From Exhaustion to Energetic Empowerment

  • Unlock Your Inner Power: Embark on a transformative journey with an exclusive introduction to the Energetic Self Perception Chart. Delve into the dynamics of energy creation and harness techniques to amplify opportunities, ignite passion, and navigate with wisdom.
  • Navigate Your Energy Landscape: Embark on an exhilarating exploration of the 6 energy influencers. Discover the unseen forces shaping your energy and cultivate awareness of the key influencers driving your life. Gain profound insights into why and how they impact you, empowering you to chart your course toward success.


DAY #2: Sustainable Energy Unleashed

  • Breaking Through Energy Blocks: Embark on a journey to uncover the four significant energy blocks that hinder your true potential. Acquire game-changing strategies to break through these barriers, paving the way for you to reignite your passion work, and life while saying goodbye to burnout and exhaustion – for good!

Join us for two empowering days that will transform your mindset, shatter energy blocks, and unleash your true potential. Elevate yourself from exhaustion to unlimited energy! Secure your spot now for a transformative experience. 🚀✨



April 24th and 25th
3PM to 6PM CST


What Makes Our Event Different?

  • We deliver transformative strategies that will give you confidence when it comes to leading others!

  • We create an environment for you to learn and network.

  • We give you POWERFUL tools that you can reference again and again!

  • At our event, we focus on principles that will bring you REAL RESULTS!


Your Host

Sarah is an accomplished Registered Nurse with over three decades of dedicated service in healthcare. Her journey spans various roles, from Nurses Aid to Vice President of Education, showcasing her versatility and commitment to the field.

After years of tireless dedication, Sarah found herself on the brink of burnout. It was a pivotal moment when she sought the guidance of a career coach. This decision marked a profound turning point in her life. Sarah discovered that many of her actions were deeply rooted in learned habits, tracing back to her formative years.

Recognizing the unhealthy patterns that governed her life, Sarah embarked on a journey of self-discovery. She realized that her adherence to certain rules, instilled since childhood, often led her into toxic and unsustainable situations. This awakening empowered her to embrace her agency and recognize the myriad of choices available to her.

Now, Sarah is passionately committed to guiding fellow healthcare professionals towards healthier, more fulfilling lives. Through her own transformational experience, she offers invaluable insights and support, helping others break free from limiting beliefs and cultivate lives of greater balance and well-being.

Sarah is more than just a seasoned healthcare professional; she's a beacon of inspiration, known for her unwavering dedication and insightful perspective. Colleagues and peers alike have described her as attentive, insightful, and forthright. Her honesty and authenticity shine through in every interaction, making her both approachable and open-minded.

But Sarah's not just serious; she's also fun-loving, lively, and curious, infusing energy and enthusiasm into everything she does. Her vivacious spirit makes her a joy to work with, fostering a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere wherever she goes.

Testimonials/What Others Are Saying

"As a dedicated nurse manager, I can't emphasize enough the transformative impact of the coaching sessions I've had the privilege of experiencing. One of the most remarkable aspects is the unique approach taken by Sarah. In a world dominated by structured goal-setting, her ability to let our sessions flow organically has been a revelation.

What sets Sarah apart is her remarkable talent for creating a safe space where I can truly be myself. She doesn't pass judgment on my emotions; instead, she validates and empowers them. This kind of support has made me feel that my feelings are not just acknowledged but truly valuable.

Furthermore, her guidance has helped me understand the power of emotions, both in the context of leadership and as a part of our overall well-being. She's opened my eyes to the advantages and even potential disadvantages of various emotional states, paving the way for personal growth and resilience.

But the value of these sessions doesn't stop at introspection. Sarah doesn't just help me recognize my feelings; she provides actionable strategies for dealing with them. Her insights and advice are priceless tools in my journey as a nurse manager.
I can confidently say that Sarah has been instrumental in helping me unlock my leadership potential. Her guidance and unwavering support have made a profound impact on my professional growth, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with her. If you're a nurse manager looking for a coaching experience that is not only goal-oriented but also deeply supportive, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Sarah a try."

– Nurse Manager

“Sarah was a great asset to my team. She was able to connect and engage with the managers in a way that gained their trust. She taught leadership skills and then worked with the them until they were confident in their own ability. She redirected our teams away from distracting drama and helped them stay focused on what matters most, our patients. Having Sarah on my team freed me up to focus on my role as a GM.”

– General Manager